My Story

Based in the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, Sea Vintage offer a large variety of hand curated vintage clothing and jewellery.

My passion for vintage clothing and jewellery is what started Sea Vintage. Every single vintage piece has a story behind it, whether a 1940’s cocktail dress or a 1970’s ball gown, each piece is individual and tells it’s own story with unique character. To me there is nothing more fascinating than learning about how and why certain pieces were made and who owned them.

Owning a piece of vintage clothing is like no other other kind of clothing. When you buy vintage you don’t just acquire a dress or gown, but you inherit the story and rich heritage the item has to offer, making it truly unique and unlike anything else you will find in the high street.

I hand source and every item you see in my store because I like to imagine the woman who wore it before and envisage the one who will wear it after. It’s this personal relationship I maintain with my sourcing, and the knowledge of styling  I offer to my customers that makes my service so unique.

I quite simply love all vintage. Every era brought us something new with a leading figure head that had something to say and change bringing a new sense of achievement in evolving. Fashion has been with us for centuries and anyone with a voice had a sense of style and that hasn’t changed today.  I work very hard sourcing unique pieces and I love nothing more then finding a special piece for you.

Use the icons below to learn more about my process from curation to personal styling and finding the perfect piece to suit you.

  • Curation

    It all begins with curation. I take the time to carefully and responsibly source all items you see in my store. Whether it’s visiting vintage fairs, buying from specialist dealers, or helping with loft and wardrobe clearances, I guarantee that every item you see in my store is hand picked by me. This is important to me, as I like to take the time to learn about each individual item: who owned it before? why did they choose it? where was it worn? It’s these questions that allow me to paint an image in my head of the woman who owned the items before and begin to envision the woman who will wear it next.

  • Maintenance

    I’m sure to source only the highest quality vintage clothing and accessories, but given the nature of these fabrics and items, sometimes a little TLC is needed. After a thorough an rigorous inspection, I will highlight any defects in the items and begin any necessary repairs. I like to ensure all items are restored to their former glory. If sewing repairs are needed, I’m sure to select the closest colour and fabric to stitch with. Before going on sale, all items are washed and pressed, fresh as the day they were made and ready to begin their new story, with you.

  • Matching

    Equipped with the knowledge of every single item I have for sale in my store, and a vision of the woman who will wear each item next, it’s during the matching stage of my process that I am able to find the perfect dress for you and the perfect you for my items. I offer free personal matching and styling advice to all of my customers, if you can’t get to me in person and are looking to buy online, feel free to Contact Me and I’ll be happy to assist you in matching the perfect item to you and your occasion.

  • Styling

    The most important part of owning any vintage piece is knowing how to wear it and what to wear it with. I offer a personal styling service to every one of my customers, starting with you. After matching you with your perfect item, I take the time to teach you how to wear it, what it will go with and what it wont. You can book a personal styling appointment with me in person via my Styling Page, or just simply Contact Me if you’re shopping online.

What My Customers Have Said


Each vintage item tells its own unique story, and so does every one of my customers, hear what they have to say…

  • Samantha has such an incredible eye for iconic, unusual vintage pieces... she's my first stop for any event.
    Siobhan Hewlett
  • I met Sam at her shop in Whitstable Harbour whilst looking for a vintage dress for a wedding. She had so many beautiful items that I was hard pushed to decide on any one dress because I fell in love with them all. A Frank Usher dress caught my eye to give to a friend as a birthday present but I decided to have a think on it and Sam agreed to send it onto me in London if I change my mind (because it was stunning) and she was helpful in making sure it arrived with me safely. My friend was over the moon and wears it at every opportunity.
    Jemma Jane
  • Sam was brilliant - encouraging me to try on things I wouldn’t have considered before, honest about what worked and what didn’t, offering top tips on how to accessorise....and just sitting back and letting me try on the same two dresses about 20 each. In the end I bought them both. It’s the joy of Vintage - it’ll never go out of style!
    Charlotte Edun
  • Sea Vintage is one of my favourite shopping destinations! They stock an amazing selection of very affordable trend-led vintage. Owner Sam (a trained fashion stylist) is so fun and helpful she puts me at ease and I always find something different and special.
    Elizabeth Avey
  • Samantha's gorgeous little hut is a treasure find... each piece is carefully chosen and has something special and unique about it. This place has reignited my passion for vintage.
    Cara Bennetto
  • Your passion for, and expert knowledge of vintage clothing is incredible. My sister loved the dress! Thanks Sam!!
    Nat Usherwood